All of the gates we supply here at Steelcraft Gates Ltd can be fully automated to make your driveway more secure and hassle free.  You’ll never have to get out of your car to open your gates again and they can be operated from either a keypad on an intercom system, key fob, or GSM module which means you can open and close your gates with your mobile phone.

We offer a complete range of gate automation systems including Lift Master, BFT, FAAC, DEA and are members of DHF (The automated gate safety group) and adhere to all safety requirements.

There are various types of gate automation :

.Underground motors

Above ground articulated arm motors

Sliding and Cantilever

Intercoms, GSM, Wireless, Video/Audio

We can also automated existing gates, so why not upgrade your current gates with the latest high tech system to give your home/work place extra security.

Once installed our engineers perform all required safety tests and procedures and train you in the use of your gate and provide a handover pack.

Are you looking for electric gates in Lancashire?

All our product pics are numbered in case you want to make reference to a particular style and design when you get in touch. Contact us here..